Tuesday, September 14, 2010

feels like fall

we're heading up to squam tomorrow morning! i will say it's a tad trickier than usual getting ready to go now that there's a TON of baby gear that needs to be brought along... i'm packing for ada, for me, for my classes (all supplies, paints etc.) AND for the art fair. lordy. that's a full car for sure. my mom is coming with me to hang with ada while i teach and i'm so thankful for that! little ada is going to love squam!

well, it's squam eve and ada is nestled all snug in her bed... ok, back to getting ready to go!

see you next week!
xo *s


  1. Happy Squam, Sarah! :) Looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. I'm hoping to make it to SQUAM one of these days. Have a wonderful time, Sarah! :-)


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