Friday, September 10, 2010

{seven & eight}

so i thought that losing my camera and camera cord was my biggest problem... but no... our internet went out which left me high and dry for a couple of days... that explains my absence! anyway, the cable guy was here for 2 hours yesterday (ada squawking at him the whole time) and i think we've finally fixed the issue. yay!

i'm catching up on lots of emails and work today, but i wanted to be sure to share my {seventh and eight good thing about summer} as promised! i'll even be back later this afternoon with a preview of what's to come next week...

{ s e v e n }

late summer sweetness
my husband with two surprise bouquets for me... these babies were 5 bucks each from this same farm stand. look how huge these are! we had flowers all over our new house in august!


{ e i g h t }

the eight best thing about summer?

hanging out around the house with the peanut!
shown here in our new moby wrap
(she's so serious when i try to take her picture!)

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  1. No doubt about the best thing in this summer, so cute, you must be very happy. Enjoy her !!!


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