Thursday, November 3, 2011

today. one year ago.

november sketchbook
(see it bigger here)

i found this sketchbook today in the studio.  i remember it so clearly, i was feeling like i didn't know how to begin again, post baby, post book...   i just sat in the studio wishing that some creative energy would hit me.  some days i just waited and waited.  some days i decided to nap instead.

but today, on this nov 3, i am typing with paint stained hands and feeling like i am overflowing with ideas and creative energy.  remember when i said it was over a year?  i guess i should say it's been more like 17 and a half months!  well, deadlines always help too!  :)

more soon!



  1. I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...your book. Keep the beautiful art coming...I have been keeping my sketchbook handy since our Sqaum by the Sea class!

  2. Your practice, your journals, your Engagement with life always inspires and nourishes me.

    I think my lesson of the past half year - year?- has been to understand the cycles that move through me and the cycles I must work through. The empty period is so hard to sit in but of course it isn't really empty at all! Growth is happening underneath my radar and I need to honor the necessity of that cycle.

    Meanwhile, there is nothing like a child to remind one of the passing of time and seasons! The growth of feet alone makes my head spin (and wallet hurt - because I just can't, as a yoga teacher, buy my growing girl cheap shoes.)

    Can't wait to see what all this creative energy manifest! New holiday calendar ... hint hint ...
    xo Lis

  3. Your sketchbook page looks an awful lot like one I just did yesterday. My excuse is that I've not worked in about18 months and I'm in the process of applying for disability which is no fun.
    I have to have confidence that this too shall pass.


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