Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may has come...

;may has come.
may has come.  original mixed media painting.  currently part of the incredible print show at artstream gallery.  (c) sarah ahearn. 2009

i'm back!  it's been a Crazy week.  (yep, that's crazy with a capital C) 
first off, the twist fair was fantastic! it was fun to meet new friends & see old twist friends too. all in all, a wonderful weekend, can't wait till november for the next one!  i'll post my photos of my table soon, but in the meantime you can see a fun one here. (that's my cute husband/twist fair assistant in the background too!)  thanks to all of you who stopped by over the weekend, it was great to visit with so many of you face to face!  

"mAY HAS come" is part of the "incredible print show" at artstream gallery in new hampshire.
you can see a great shot of my two pieces installed next to the lovely lucie's beautiful prints here and here.  looking forward to getting up to see the show in person sometime this month.  

i've been buried in production/art fair prep mode here lately, although that's just part of the capital "c" issue, but now i will be working hard this week on putting up lots of originals and new work up on etsy.  very excited for that!  stay tuned.  

it's may!  i'll be back tomorrow with my "8 things" (i know, i know! it was supposed to be yesterday wasn't it?!)  
off to the studio get back on track.    
i've missed this space... see you again tomorrow! 
xo, *s  


  1. I'm bummed I couldn't go, but it sounds like I'll have a chance in Nov.. I'm happy it was a great turn out. I'm hoping to meet with you at Squam this fall. I love you work the colors are so joyful!!
    Take care and I plan on going to see your work at Artstream.
    Jill from N.H.

  2. I just thought I'd say hello, I'm slowly getting around to visit all the blogs from the class! Your artwork is *Beautiful* and I'm so glad I stopped by to visit! Hope you enjoyed the class. Wini


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