Thursday, May 7, 2009

a list of 8 things. the third in a series.

i'm all a blur

it's thursday and this list was supposed to go up on tuesday. 

today. 1
was not what i planned. (see today. 5)

today. 2
the photo shows a blurry me at the twist fair.  if the picture wasn't so blurry you could see that my sweater was inside out.  proof here, along with more photos of my set-up. 

today. 3
my darling husband sweetly pointed out that my sweater was inside out right before the customers showed up, i was thankful for that.  he wondered if i was following some new fashion trend or not. 

today. 4
just for the record, i was not.  i was a wee bit frazzled due to the fact that the twist fair was also my first day off of crutches in over a month. 

today. 5
speaking of frazzled, i've been on the phone all day with doctors offices & insurance companies. this was not my planned day at all. i'm scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery in a month.  last week i thought i was in the clear, but i've been told otherwise.  the most important question i had for my doctor was how long it would be until i could do yoga again.  he says 3-4 weeks post surgery.  i miss yoga.  

today. 6
i'm excited because my sister flies in tonight, from colorado, for a week.  my husband is out of town for a while doing field work along the all along the east coast, so that makes having my sister here all the more fun.  

my class is over.  it was fantastic and i highly recommend it!  i'll be back with my final homework assignment soon.  for details on how you can take the class too, see my new "byw" button along the sidebar. 

today. 8
tomorrow is a new day.  

what's today like for you? 
xo, *s


  1. What a lovely looking table! Sounds like a very hectic week, with crutches no less! I too am getting ready for a show this weekend,
    as well as planning a "desert island" birthday party for tomorrow afternoon six 8 year olds descend 23 hours from NOW! AH!

  2. Hi Sarah! I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed your words and your work. Thank you for sharing. :) Your table looks great, nice pattern! I like the clipboard displays, love the wooden drawers and the decorative vintage items! Have a good show!
    Today is grey and rainy, a mixture of good and bad, just the daily grind.
    Take care,

  3. My day has been all about gardening. Funnily enough when I was having a bath at the end of my day and reading an old Cloth Paper Scissors I saw a feature on you. I thought it was interesting given that I've recently discovered your blog.

  4. Glad the show was good for you and that you get to ditch the crutches for a while. So glad I found you through BYW. Happy Weekend!

  5. Oh, your table looks amazing! Knee surgery, yuk... but I can tell you my husband had arthro-whats-it surgery on his knee, and he truly was up and walking in 3 days, and rehabing on a stationery bike after a week, and back out on his mountain bike (doing short rides, but back out nonetheless) in about 5 weeks...

    Today: I am trying to get thru a very long to-do list, and hoping to get back to my painting table and Finish the pieces for Squam show! xo

  6. Sarah-I had my shirt on inside out twice yesterday in a frenzy to get some work done for our little arts center.
    argh..I hope your knee gets better and be sure to get second opinions if possible (learned this with my sister/soccer). I miss yoga too but I have no excuse:)

  7. You have a fantastic blog. I love all the things you create.
    I invite you to visit mine. It's in Spanish, but sometimes images say more than words.

  8. Looks great! I bet you were happy to be off the crutches! I have had my sweater inside out so many times I don't sweat it anymore. Be worried when you wear your bra on the outside!! haha


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