Friday, May 22, 2009

sketchbook friday

sketchbook peek.
voila! another peek into my sketchbook. these pages are from april 2009. (c) sarah ahearn. 

 see both pages here.

i must confess, that for the past few weeks my sketchbook has been filled with much more writing than ever before.  lots of poems,  messily jotted out ideas for paintings, plans for my upcoming classes squam, notes from holly's podcasts, alongside long lists of what was needed for the twist fair.  in addition, i have filled up pages and pages with apartment listings, phone numbers, dates, and budgets.  hmmm... life and work colliding! the exciting part is that this book is just about filled up so it's time to move into the next one which will be only for collage/writing/paint/inspiration.  

sorry this is late.  my whole day was filled with apartment hunting/signing leases/and then paying (way too much) money for one.  that last part= panic.  but it's a great space with a perfect sunlit studio.  fingers crossed and it'll be ours for august 1st.  (huge sigh of relief)  so that's that.  thank goodness it's (hopefully) done.  can't wait to show you our new place once we're all set up come late summer. 
wishing you a fun filled holiday weekend!  i will actually be here one more time on saturday or sunday to share some things with you.  
hope you enjoy the sketchbook!  xo, *s


  1. A sunlit studio sounds wonderful! :) Can't wait to see pictures. Good luck with the move!

  2. Good luck with your new home! I am taken with the color palette of these journal pages -and your hand writing would be a great font!!! Love it all!

  3. I love how you share your sketchbook pages. They are so inspiring! Your blog rocks!

  4. I hope you get I would love to see your new studio space !!!

  5. OooO I like sketchbook fridays! :) Beautiful work!

  6. Lovely page Sarah, as always! Sunlit studio does sound lovely, can't wait to see your space : )

  7. Love. Your work! Also love seeing some of the Old Navy wallpaper that I bought tons of at 50 cents per roll years ago!


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