Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i would like some...

ginger cookies
totally random, i know.  just kinda loved the ginger cookies sign.  we were off getting an ice cream cone at a nearby little country store and there it was,  
there will be more of these signs now that all of the farm stands are popping up.  i really love the old wooden "fresh asparagus" signs etc.  
i am blogging today from our "old stomping grounds" of ithaca, ny.  we've been here for a few days so that my husband could finish up some work and so that i could turn in a commissioned painting. (you'll see it soon)  our life is a bit crazy right now to say the least.  we leave here today to go back to massachusetts where we will start looking at apartments and maybe even moving into one.  : )  this is all coinciding with me having my knee surgery, and my husband starting his new job which is currently overlapping with the old one.  (dissertation to finish...) so we are actually looking forward to spending 5 hours in the car today on the way home... it may just be the last 5 hours of peace and quiet for a bit.  
i did have time to visit with friends and get a new haircut while we've been here... so that's a plus. 
don't forget~ {twodays: may} starts tomorrow and friday is sketchbook day!  hooray!  xo, *s


  1. Good luck with all your transitions and happy home hunting. Can't wait to see the painting : )

  2. Hi Sarah-

    LOVE the new haircut, it's adorable.

    I am dreaming of IKEA and photo shoots!

    Good luck with the apt. hunting!

    Xoxo Liz

  3. Love the new do!! I hope the 5 hour ride home was peaceful and you two got to catch up. Happy home hunting.
    Jill from N.H.


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