Friday, May 15, 2009

today's 8 things

lace and peach

today is friday and i don't know where the week went.

1. today.
here's peek into one of my little books.  these are not my sketchbooks, they are smaller books filled with the scraps i find on the studio floor during a clean-up.  some bits are too precious to be thrown away, so they are saved in boxes and books like this one above.  so yes, since i just had a big clean up in the studio, i have more books like this one that are going to be filled and shared soon.  

2.  today.
stephanie reminded me that  i wrote about this process in the interview you can read here

3.  today.
i realized that i the foggy brain feeling i have had lately is due to feeling completely overwhelmed.  not to complain of course, but you know how they say "when i rains, it pours" ???  well, i feel like i have a little rain cloud over my head!  

4. today. 
blasted birds fly away in the car this afternoon and drove around in the springtime sun.  then this song came on, and well, this is how it felt.  you said it so well kelly rae!  things are shifting, in a good way.    

5.  today.
we may have found new home, not sure yet, but fingers are crossed.  you see, we are currently in between homes, jobs and lives.  all of my belongings are in boxes, most of our stuff is in a storage unit in another state and my studio is what you may call a make shifty sort of one at the moment.  you think this could have something to do with #3?!  

6.  today.
loving the lilacs, leafy trees and warm spring breezes.  working on appreciating the little things in life, taking it day by day and trying to remember to breathe.  (yes, i do have to stop and remember to calmly do that once and a while) 

7.  today. 
exactly one year ago today, this happened.  to say that i did a happy dance would be a complete understatement.  BIG hugs to lucie who wrote to holly.  i'm so happy that our first little correspondences have turned into friendships. this blogging world is quiet magical if i do say so myself.  

8. today. 
speaking of squam, (hint, see #2)  this is the best.  check in out!  found via the squam blog.

so that's my 8 for today.  i have so many more... 
what's today like for you?

wishing you a happy weekend!  we're heading to our favorite little "gorges" town for a few days and then i'll be back on a regular schedule.  as i type this, i am already planning next week's blog posts.  how's about another sketchbook peek?!  i'm excited for that.  : )  

i'll also share some more news and a couple of other things to look forward to.  

until then, xo, *s


  1. Hiee sarah, love reading your 8 things. :) I do believe this blogging world is quite magical. Friday was fun for me coz i met up with one of our byw e-course classmates for lunch. :) I hope your having a lovely merry happy weekend. :)

  2. #5 we have in common. I read the link as I'm a pretty new reader here and I am so happy your stars aligned the way that they did. #5 so totally connected to #3, at least for me. I have a kiddo and am counting down the days till school ends and the wicked commute from my MIL's to my son's school. (We went from a house two miles from school to commuting 35 miles each way for the past 5+ months). The end is near, hurrah!

  3. Looking forward to your sketchbook peeks this week!!! You are so very inspiring!

  4. hi sarah!

    I just read your interview over at squam - SO inspiring and it was fun to learn more about you too. Thanks, I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. Take sweet care


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