Wednesday, December 7, 2011

all sorts of stories


he told her all sorts of stories
original available here

* * *
lately, i have been coming up with all sorts of stories too.  waking up in the early morning with 17 blog posts in my head...  i'm feeling creative & excited about blogging and sharing in this space again... it's a been a long while coming, but the ideas for stories to share in words and in paint are flowing fast.  i'm capturing the fleeting visions and inspirations the best i can in my sketchbooks and making lots of lists.  going to try to get some of these new pieces started next week,  i'll be sure to share the process and outcome with you here!

hope all is well in your little corner of the world.  mine's rainy and cozy today which certainly makes me wish i could just snuggle in with a cup of tea and my stack of magazines, but it is a big workday!  needing to get ready for my show that opens on friday.  ah!  i'll share more details tomorrow, but for today, send me good wishes to be productive!  it's always hard for me on dreary days (you too?!), not to mention a certain little person in this house thought that 4:30 am seemed like a good wakeup time for today.  i tried my best, but couldn't convince her otherwise!  oh the fun never ends!  ;)  


  1. so exciting for you Sarah! love your excitement and new creative energy, and can't wait to see what what's in store...

    naps, take lots of naps. especially for those 4:30 am wake-ups.. ekks.


  2. I hope your show went well. I started singing..."it's only a paper moon" after seeing the caption on your wonderful piece.

  3. I hope your show went well. Yay for new creative energy. I am feeling that too! And oh, man I hope your little one is sleeping better. I have had many of those 4:30 wake ups myself. They are rough. xo

  4. thanks everyone! it certainly feels good! funny though, i wrote this post and the next day came down with the flu :( so i'm just getting back up to speed! ah! it's always something! xo! *s


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