Tuesday, December 20, 2011

just popping in to say...

still shopping!?

* * *

just wanted to let all you last minute shoppers know! 

 i had a request for this service and am happy to oblige!

* * *

i've been down and out with the flu.  the real deal.  the real, can't move, hurts to sneeze & lots of other stuff that's no fun to discuss here sort of a flu.  it was over a week on the couch, a rough patch for sure.  i'm just getting back up to speed on life and work stuff, but will be back tomorrow next week to fill you on what i was up to before the flu hit me.  and just a quick side note- if you didn't get your flu shot, my advice would be to run, don't walk, to get it today!  i got ada one and as it happens, regrettably, did not get mine soon enough.  sigh.  i'll be first in line next year, that's for sure. 

hope you are happy & healthy wherever you may be!
until tomorrow... xo, *s


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