Sunday, May 20, 2012

feeling dizzy

I need to trust this today... a morning reminder in the studio... ( feeling dizzy )

i’ve always kept this note on display in my various studio spaces over the years. it’s been a helpful reminder during dizzying times. these past few weeks have been just that, dizzy ones. creating the workshop, making the inspiration kits, painting new paintings, printing new prints, keeping up around the house and keeping up with ada... phew, i’m tired just thinking about it all.  there’s been a lot less sleep and a lot more work lately. i’m on a roll, and although i'm feeling dizzy, my fingers are crossed that it will all be worth it when that one, less dizzying day arrives. soon, i hope. 


  1. Oh I LOVE that quote! I will be writing this one down....thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah, thank you for the great quote! I'm so glad I found your blog!! You see, your book is the very first "art" book that I've ever bought. I have always wanted to create art. I painted when I was in high school but I always felt frustrated. I put my brushes down when I went to college. And it has been about 20 years since. 8 weeks ago I signed up for Mindy Lacefield's (Tim's Sally) "Paint Your Story" online workshop and my brushes are in my hand once again:))) Oh, the joy!!! Mindy recommended your book and I am eating up every litte wonderful morsel!!! I'm delightfully inspired by your work and the beautiful, colorful pages of your book. Thank you for being a teacher to this aspiring artist!!!

  3. Sarah, are you the author of that lovely quote? If not who? x

  4. hey there robin-
    believe it or not, it’s a hallmark card from eons ago... i’m not sure if it lists any author... it was from that line called Fresh Ink (i think) that they used to do, so i’m assuming that the artist/designer came up with it...
    it’s a good one, isn’t it! ?
    xo *s


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