Thursday, July 11, 2013

A is for an announcement

practicing As today. up down across, up down across and repeat. staying inside to keep cool & making a macaroni necklace was about as "fourth of July-y" as it got around here. she then refused to wear it because it wasn't "real". #winsomelosesome

we’ve been practicing a lot of letters around here these days. up down across, up down across... i sometimes say it in my sleep! 
i’m having such a fun summer with ada, she’s getting funnier and more imaginative with each and every day it seems. the fourth of july was HOT so we stayed inside, had a picnic, did some art projects and made a red white and blue macaroni necklace. i'm pretty sure i was MUCH more excited about it then she was, and when i showed her in the mirror she burst into tears and declared it wasn’t a “real” necklace like mama's... well, she doesn’t miss a beat, does she? looks like we’ll have to use some “real” beads next time ‘round! 
+ + +
here’s the Announcement-
the LAST DAY to register for painted pages workshop (my online class) is tomorrow, Friday, July 12, at 12 noon eastern time. if you were hoping to join in, now’s your chance!  there’s just a few spots left! class starts on monday and i am getting SO excited! keep reading below... 

as I'm packing up kits for my workshop, I realize I may have an unintended polka dot theme. I'm going with it. #paintedpagesworkshop

*when you sign up,your class kit will be mailed out as well. if you are in the US it should reach you mid-week next week, so you should be all set as you don’t *need* the kit until week 2. BUT, please know that if you are international, you may not receive your kit until week 2 or 3... just keep that in mind when you sign up! 
xo *s

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