Wednesday, July 3, 2013

sneak peek!

oh my goodness! i had SUCH fun filming video for my course with the amazingly talented thea coughlin! you may know that thea and i got to know one another when i hired her (aka begged her) to be the photographer for my book. we completely hit it off and worked so well together that i just can’t imagine tackling any big project (like another book or online class) without her!  so, i had to have her come and shoot ALL the video for my class!  hip hip hooray!  she agreed and dare i say - we rocked it! 

but, don’t sign me up to be a film star anytime soon though- there were many takes at first as i got tongue tied, also, it takes a lot of sitting and standing still, and for a fidgeting person like myself, well, it’s work to be still!  i learned that it takes a lot of preparation and planning  to get each shot just right, but thea made is OH SO fun, relaxing, and easy.  i LOVE how we worked together and i LOVE the footage we captured... my students are in for a treat as thea’s style is pure eye candy!

i thought i’d share this video with you all as it gives a sneak peek into the class, into what we’ve been up to, AND it also shows how talented thea is as a photographer and videographer.  i’m so lucky :) !  thank you, thea


  1. sigh. what a lovely lovely video. i loved your book and wish dearly that i could sign up for the class but it is sadly out of my budget right now, will it be available again at a later date? i very much enjoyed the sneak peek!

    1. hi jessica!
      thank you!
      i hope to run this course one more time... be sure to sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already to hear when the next one will run :)
      xo *s

  2. I took your first workshop through Squam online ( I think!). Is this a NEW spin on the class based on your lovely book? Was wondering if I need to take another. :) Thanks!

  3. hi there-
    this IS a new spin with new videos and more... but there is some of the same written content too--- be sure to read the FAQ to learn more! there are quite a few folks returning from last summer! xo *s


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